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Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Great Career Choice - Nursing Careers

Nursing is one of the popular careers in the world, apart from being a good rewarding career, it comes with a lot of responsibilities, in fact, nursing is thought to be a vocation just like priesthood or becoming a nun. Nurses works like leaders, caretakers and a clinician. But what does it take to be a nurse?

To become a registered nurse, you can start by obtaining diploma in nursing or a degree; this depends on your choice.. The duration depends with the college you are in, but basically you have to pass your exams. With a diploma, you can advance to degree which will take you around four years.

Nursing Duties

Upon becoming a registered nurse, but becoming a nurse is more than obtaining papers, you will be required to be very responsible. You will have to be nice to people who are ill and in pain and will not be very pleasant, you will also have to be able to answer their questions and know when to call the doctor. Nurses will have to update the patient's charts as necessary and to make sure that their medications are given to them in the correct doses and at the correct time.

Nursing duties go further than just taking care of patients, there are supplies that needs ordered, charts that will need updated and it involves a lot of record keeping. You will need to know and understand how to use a lot of medical equipment, and know when to call for repairs.

The skills that you need will be clinical skills, have a good bedside manner, nursing skills, you have to have good verbal communication and listening skills. You may have to insert IV's or give shots to patients. You will be the one that will be taking the vital signs and taking medical backgrounds from the patients. You will be working closely with the physicians and other nurses to give them information on a patient. You will have to be able to keep patients information very confidential about their medical condition.

You also need to stay up-to-date, new medical technologies are coming up each day; you will also have to maintain a current CPR license.

Nursing careers is very rewarding and you will find a new challenge every day. It is a very rewarding career, and you can always get more training so that you can move up in the career and always find new things to learn every day.

Looking for a career in nursing? There are always plenty of nursing jobs available and each and every day there are new nursing jobs becoming available. A nursing careers is a very rewarding careers for people, there are new challenges daily and there is always opportunities to move up in your career. Once you decide on becoming a nurse you will realize that your job is more than just a job, it's a way of life for you.

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